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Industry 4.0 Masterclass
Executive Program for Organizations

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Wealth Management
Education Program for Family Offices

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Custom Field Programs
Project Execution for Organizations

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Choose your adventure


Luxury Rainforest Resort
May to September


Great Bear Rainforest
May to October


North America’s finest slopes
December to March


Rockies Adrenaline rushes 
July to September


River Rafting Adventure 
June to November


Sasquatch & Ogopogo Quest
May to October


Track Canada’s Big 5 
September to November


#1 Fishing ​​Destination
July to August


Northern Lights Magic  
December to April


Arctic Adventure 
June to August


Polar Bear Expedition
July to August


Elite Wildlife Resort
September to November


Pure Adventure 
January to March


Monster Moose
September to November

Locate your adventure

Experience the wildlife of Canada

​The environment impacts creative thinking. Encounter the last frontier with your team while applying the latest practices to multiply the impact in your organization.

Choose one of the stunning locations with wildlife and adventures ranging from polar expeditions to monsters moose hunt that match your learning path.

Each location has been selected to give you a lasting experience while you discover, learn and impact your organization

Arctic Adventure
A 5 star experience in the true North with world class belugas viewing,
polar bears and amazing tundra excursions.
From July to August
River rafting with monster grizzly bears
Jaw dropping scenery, bald eagle and grizzly bear viewing while rafting the “river of grizzlies”
From June to October
Monster Moose, Bear and endless Caribou
See the beauty of the Canadian Maritimes at this award winning Moose, Bear and Caribou hunting lodge.
From September to November
World Record Fishing
Catch world record sized trout and char at the #1 fishing destination in North America!
From June to August
Unveil the Canadian Legends
Hunt down the great canadian monsters, myths and mystery
From June to August
Hunt the Canadian Big 5
Up close adventures with Elk, Moose, Bears, Deer and Wolves in the Majestic Rocky Mountains.
From May to November
Polar Bear Expedition
Join the World’s Next Great Safari with this intimate encounter with Polar Bears and Beluga whales.
From July to November
Great Bear Rainforest Resort
World renowned lodge with helicopter adventures, fishing, bear watching and rainforest experiences.
From May to September
A World Record Hunt
Beautiful private estate with world record elk and red stag deer ready to harvest.
From September to October
Luxury Rainforest Resort
Award winning luxury resort with adventure, whale watching, rainforest
and restorative escape in the remote and glorious wild.
From May to October
Adventure Pure
Come back in time with this stunning snowmobile escape to beautiful
remote cabins with ice rapelling, dog sledding and the worlds finest Ice Hotel.
From January to February
Amazing northern lights spectacular
A true Canadian winter wonderland filled with snowmobile adventures,
igloos, snow shoeing and cross country skiing
From December to February
Rocky Adrenaline Rush
Breathtaking scenery hiking, heart pumping glacier crossings and
unbelievable mountain climbing for all skill levels.
From June to September
North America’s finest slopes
World class mountainside luxury with best and biggest skiing North America has to offer.
From December to March

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Meet the Team

Marek de Savigny

Meet the Mountain Man 

Marek is best known as the “Canadian Bear Grylls” and the Mountain Man who masters the art of hunting, trapping and gathering to provide for his family.

He is a true Canadian Hero, seasoned firefighter, professional trapper and wildlife expert.

Marek is a advocate for conserving his country’s natural resources and in maintaining Canada’s founding traditions. He turns towering timber into everyday necessities.

Encounter a leading business thinker

Best known as the father of the “4th Industrial Revolution”, which ignited the global theme of today.

Listed by Financial Times as one of the leading authority and business thinkers on strategy and competitiveness. Quoted by Eric Schmidt as “One of the most pre-eminent strategic advisors of his generation”. 

His work has been applied to national economies, triggered global themes, influenced GDP growth, reset policies in governments, set standards now applied by 26 NATO members.

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Custom Industry 4.0 Fieldwork Programs

for Organizations

Project execution fieldwork designed to fast track an organizations’ ability to deliver. Each of the three-day custom field programs focus to enable organizations and align teams with the latest management and operational concepts, techniques, and tools – to “Think Functionally and Act Strategically”.

Gain exclusive and actionable insight from the mastermind of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the leading authority on strategy and competitiveness.

 Explore the 4th industrial revolution specific topics, examine strategic options and define where and how to apply it in operational settings.

The program unlocks the potential in a stunning surrounding combined with classroom sessions and exercises to apply the learning on own projects.

Project Execution Programs

Wealth Management Program

for Organizations

Gain exclusive and actionable insight from the originator of the 4th Industrial Revolution on the investment imperatives to create the next generation of wealth creation.

This three-day customized wealth management program for family office representatives, family members and wealth managers will explore when and where to invest in the 4th Industrial Revolution to realize the future opportunities.

Examine the latest family office, wealth management, investment strategies and portfolio management along with concepts, techniques and tools.